Call for Submissions
We invite all Alumni of the Native American Studies Graduate Program to submit the following: Name, Degree(s), Current Educational Institution and/or Employment, Professional Titles, and Tribal Affiliation. Email your information to Stella Mancillas,

Partial Listing of Graduate Students Alumni

* Degrees awarded in Native American Studies Graduate Program, University of California, Davis.

Maria Aparicio

M.A., 2004* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).
J.D., 2008 - School of Law, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.
Current Position: Attorney at Law, Maria Jones Law Firm, Phoenix, AZ.

Jerold Blain

M.A., 2010* - Thesis: "(Post)development and food sovereignty for California Indian nation building."
Current Position: Workplace Operations Manager, Rally Health, San Francisco, CA.

Nicole Blalock

M.A., 2013* - Thesis: "The Importance of Indigenous Identity: Scholar Reflections on the Impacts of Being Federally (Un)Recognized on Academic Careers."
Ph.D.2013 – Education, University of California, Davis.
Dissertation: “Culturally Sustaining Pedagoies: Understanding School Practices and the Academic Achievement of American Indians and Alaskan Native Students through a Multidisciplinary Lens.”
Current Position: Associate Esports Manager, Hearthstone, Blizzard Entertainment; Irvine, CA.

Benjamin Burgess

Ph.D., 2009* - Dissertation: "Clan Destined Communities: The Persistence and Revitalization of Ojibwe Clan Identity in Ojibwe Literature."
M.A., 2001* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).

Catherine Cardozo

Ph.D., 2005* - Dissertation: "The California Indian Basketweavers Association: A Native Agency for Change and Cultural Continuity."
M.A., 2001* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).
Current Position: Air Pollution Specialist, California Air Resources Board, SacramentoCA.

Kristina Casper-Denman

Ph.D., 2013* - Dissertation: “California Indian Education Association (CIEA) working towards educational sovereignty.”
M.A., 1995 - Arizona State University, AZ.
Thesis: “Hand and Grasp Preference in Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta) and Crab-eating Macaques (Macaca fascicularis).”
Current Position: Professor, Anthropology, American River College, Sacramento, CA.

Brook Colley

  Ph.D., 2014* - Dissertation: “Reframing Tribal Relations: At the Place Where the Cascades Fall.”
  Current Position: Assistant Professor, Native American Studies, Southern Oregon University, OR.

Cibonay Cordova

 M.A., 2003* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).
 Current Position: Residential and Crisis Services Manager, WEAVE, Inc., Sacramento, CA.

Susan Daniels

M.A., 2007* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).
Current Position: Ph.D. Student in Mesoamerican Studies, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

Sara Dutschke

           M.A., 2002* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).
           J.D., 2006 - McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific, CA.
           Current Position: Attorney at Law, Dentons' Public Law, San Francisco, CA.

Korah (Karah) English

M.A., 2009* - Thesis: “Reinventing the Gaze: Judith Lowry’s Artistic Expressions Contexualized."
Current Position: Cultural Arts Program Specialist, Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, D.C.

 Dina Fachin

Ph.D., 2008* - Dissertation: "Poems From the Mirror: The Re-imagination of Indigenous Identities through Literary and Visual Narratives in Oaxaca."
Current Position: Adjunct Professor, Spanish and Italian Studies, St. Louis University, MO.

Abel Garcia-Ruiz

M.A., 2011* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).

Todd Gettleman

           M.A., 2008*
           Thesis: "iPatwin: Using Technology for Cultural Renewal and Language Revitalization on the
           Rumsey Indian Rancheria."

Kerin Gould

Ph.D., 2007* - Dissertation: "Connecting Indigenous Worldview, Well-being, and Community Projects."
M.A., 2003* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).
Current Position: Independent Scholar and Consultant.

Michael Grofe

  Ph.D., 2007* - Dissertation: "The Serpent Series: Precession in the Maya Dresden Codex."
  M.A., 1997 - Cultural Anthropology/Ecology, California Institute of Integral Studies.
  Thesis: "Questioning Chocolate: A Mythological and Ecological Perspective."
  Current Position: Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Sacramento City College,  CA.

Jane Haladay

 Ph.D., 2004* - Dissertation: "'Everything according to the first guidance of the spirits: Female
 Community in Three Salish Novels."
 M.A., 2000 - American Indian Studies, University of Arizona, AZ.
 Thesis: "Solemn Laughter: Humor as Subversion and Resistance in the Literature of Simon Ortiz
 and Carter Revard."
 Current Position: Associate Professor, American Indians Studies, University of North Carolina
 at Pembroke, NC.

Ashley Hall

 Ph.D., 2009* - Dissertation: "The Towaoc Bear Dance and Nuche National Identity."
 Current Position: Adjunct Professor, Native American Studies, Sonoma State University, CA.

Julianne Hazelwood

 M.A., 2006* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).
 Ph.D., 2010 - Geography, University of Kentucky, KY.
 Dissertation: “Geographies of Co2Lonialism and Hope In The Northwest Pacific
 Frontier Territory-Region Of Ecuador
 Current Position: Director of Te Ha: Alliance for Indigenous Solidarity.  The Cultural Conservancy,
 San Francisco, CA.

Angel Hinzo

Ph.D., 2016* - “Voicing Across Space: Subverting Colonial Structures in Ho-Chunk/Winnebago Tribal History.”
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow in Interdisciplinary Indigenous Studies, Interdisciplinary Research Institute for the Study of (In)Equality (IRISE), University of Denver.

Frances Kay Holmes

M.A., 2006* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).
Ph.D., 2013 - Education, University of California, Davis.
Dissertation: “Native American Perspectives on Educational Experiences from within the Not So Ivory Tower.”
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Native American and Indigenous Studies, Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO.

Elliott Housman-Turrubiate

M.A., 2017* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).

Monique Ramune Jonaitis

 Ph.D., 2009* - Dissertation: "The Fifth Direction: Performing the "land of uncertainty" in Native American
 Literature and Performance."
 M.A., 2002 - Latin American Studies, University of New Mexico, NM.
 Current Position: Independent Scholar and Lecturer.

Patricia Killelea

Ph.D., 2015* - Dissertation: "Between These Songs: Contemporary Experimental Native American Poetry & Poetics."
M.A., 2008 - English, University of California, Davis.
Thesis: "Counterglow: Poems."
Current Position: Assistant Professor, English, Northern Michigan University, MI.

Bayu Kristianto

Ph.D., 2016* - Dissertation: “Notions of the Body as Decolonization Strategies in the Novels of Leslie Marmon Silko and Louise Erdrich."
M.A., 2006 – American Studies, State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo, 2006.
Thesis: "Man and the World in Heidegger, Emerson, and Native American Philosophy."
Current Position: University Lecturer/Instructor, Universitas Indonesia.

Jason Lacy

 M.A., 2004* - Thesis: "A Western Hemispheric Analysis: Pan Indigenous Movements for
 Human Rights, Sovereignty, Self-determination, and Self Government."

Melissa V. Leal

 Ph.D., 2012* - Dissertation: "Chempa, Showinpa, Mefpa, Asumpa, Achepa (To Paint, To Scratch,
 To Dance, To Flow, To Unite): The Native American Experience in the Hip Hop World."
 Current Position: Executive Director of Education, Wilton Rancheria, CA.

Mark LeBeau

 Ph.D., 2012* - Dissertation: "An Examination of Culturally Competent Health Care for American Indians in California."
 M.S., 2008 - Community Development, University of California, Davis.
 Thesis: "Culturally Appropriate Tobacco Cessation Services for Native Trying to Quit."
 Current Position: Executive Director, California Rural Indian Health Board, Sacramento, CA. 

Stephanie Lumsden

 M.A., 2014* - Thesis: "Native American and the Prison-Industrial Complex in California."
 Current Position: Ph.D. Student, Gender Studies, UCLA.

Jennie Luna

 Ph.D., 2012* - Dissertation: "Danza Mexica: Indigenous Identity, Spirituality, Activism, and Performance."
 M.A., 2006* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).
 Ed.M., 2001 - Philosophy of Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, NY.
 Current Position: Assistant Professor, Chicana/o Studies, California State University,
 Channel Islands, CA. 

Molly McGlennen

 Ph.D., 2005* - Dissertation: "It is Evidence of Faith to Create: Spirituality and Contemporary
 Native American Women's Poetics."
 M.F.A., 1998 - Mills College, Oakland, CA.
 Current Position: Associate Professor, English Department, Vassar College, NY.

Rodolfo Meyer

 Ph.D., 2008* - Dissertation: "Performance and Identity in Popular Culture's Re/presentations of
 Tinku Ritual by Andean People."
 (Deceased 2016)

Kirsten Meyer

 M.A., 2004* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).
 Current Position: Founder and Director of KM Digital Marketing.

Anneke Mundel

 M.A., 2001* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).

Kumiko Noguchi

 Ph.D., 2009* - Dissertation: "From Yokuts to Tule River Indians: Re-creation of the Tribal Identity on the Tule River Indian Reservation in California from Euroamerican Contact to the Indian Reorganization
 Act of 1934."
 M.A., 2003 - History, Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan.
 Thesis: "Indians and the Indian Reorganization Bill: The Analysis of the Indian Congress."
 Current Position: Assistant Professor, International Institute of American Studies at Doshisha
 University, Kyoto, Japan.

Marcus Peters

 M.A., 2003* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).

Barbara Rigby

 M.A., 2002* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).

Cutcha Risling Baldy

 Ph.D., 2015* - Dissertation: "no:'olchwin-ding, no:'olchwin-te (To Grow Old In A Good Way): 
 The Revitalization of the Hupa Women’s Coming Of Age Ceremony."
 M.F.A., 2005 - Writing & Literature, San Diego State University, CA.
 Thesis: "Stories They Tell Me: A Collection of Short Stories."
 Current Position: Assistant Professor, Native American Studies, Humboldt State University, CA.

Annie Ross

 Ph.D., 2002* - Dissertation: "One Mother Earth, one doctor water: A Story about Environmental
 Justice in the Age of Nuclearism. A Native American View."
 Current Position: Associate Professor, First Nations Studies, Simon Fraser University.

Bettina Schneider

 Ph. D., 2009* - Dissertation: "Reclaiming Economic Sovereignty: Native and Aboriginal
 Financial Institutions."
 M.S., 2004 - Community Development, University of California, Davis.
 Thesis: "Reclaiming economic sovereignty: native community development financial Institutions
 as a means of culturally appropriate community and economic development."
 Current Position: Assistant Professor, Indigenous Science, The Environment & Economic
 Development, First Nations University of Canada.

Alicia Siu

 M.A., 2011* - Thesis: "The Coloniality of Violence in the 1932 Massacre of the Pipil and Art for Healing."
 Current Position: Artist and Muralist ( 

Silvia Soto

 Ph.D., 2015* - Dissertation: "Unstoppable Clamor: The Re-Construction of a Mayan World in Chiapas."
 M.A., 2005 - Latin American Studies, University of New Mexico, NM.
 Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, American Indian Studies, University of Illinois,
 Urbana-Champaign, IL.

Janferie Stone

 Ph.D., 2007* - Dissertation: "A Guatemalan Tale of Two Wives: Nawales (shapeshifters) In a Time of Genocide."
 M.A., 2000 - Folklore Studies/Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley.
 Current Position: Author and Editing Professional.

Susan Stowell

 Ph.D., 2008* - Dissertation: "The Wäda-Tika of the Former Malheur Indian Reservation."
 Current Position: Independent Scholar.

Kathryn Sweet

 M.A., 2008* - Thesis: "Diné bikéyah, Arizona, and Public Law 83-280."
 Ph.D., 2014 – School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies, Arizona State University, AZ.
 Dissertation – “The Unwelcomed Traveler: England’s Black Death and Hopi’s Smallpox.”
 Current Position: Adjunct Faculty, College of Humanities & Social Sciences, Grand Canyon
 University, Phoenix, AZ.

Sheri Tatsch

 Ph.D., 2006* - Dissertation: "The Nisenan: Dialects and Districts of a Speech Community."
 M.A., 2001* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).
 Current Position: Founder and Director of Indigenous Consulting Services, Orangevale, CA.

Cecilia Tolley

 M.A., 2010* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).

Jesus Valle

 M.A., 2003* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).
 Current Position: Professor, English Department, American River College, Sacramento, CA.

Fernando Villalba

 M.A., 2010* - Thesis: "Protecting Traditional Resources Rights in Conservation Native Knowledge in National Parks."
 Current Position: Biologist and Natural Resource Manager, National Park Service, CA.

Christine Willie Ami

  Ph.D., 2016* - Dissertation: "Díí jí nída’iil’ah (Today, we butcher): A Study of Navajo    
  Traditional Sheep Butchering." 
  M.A., Latin American Literature, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.
  Current Position:  Social and Behavioral Science Faculty Member
  (Cultural  Anthropology/Native American Studies Instructor), Diné College. 
  Grant Manager for the Navajo Cultural Arts Program (3 year/$750,000 grant).

Lisa Woodward
           Ph.D., 2007* - Dissertation: "The Acjachemen of San Juan Capistrano: The History,   
           Language and Politics of an Indigenous California Community."
           M.A., 2002* - Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis).
           Current Position: Archivist, Cultural Resource Center, Pechanga Tribal Nation.

Douglas Worley

            Ph.D., 2017* - Dissertation: “The Intergenerational Leadership of the Patwin People.”
            Current Position: Independent Consultant to Tribal Nations.


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