Students must complete a total of four courses in Native American Studies.  This total shall include NAS 200 (Basic Concepts in Native American Studies) and at least one other 200-level seminar (excluding NAS 299).  The remaining two courses can be selected from 200-level classes (at most one of which can be a 4-unit 299 independent study) or upper division undergraduate classes supplemented by one additional unit of independent study (NAS 299) each.  All courses must be approved by the Native American Studies faculty advisor so as to ensure that they form a coherent whole.

Qualifying Examination
The student’s qualifying examination must incorporate the study of Native Americans as a category of analysis. Additionally, one member of the student’s qualifying exam committee must be a member of the DENAS.

The Dissertation
The proposed dissertation must incorporate a component of Native American Studies as a category of analysis. As with the qualifying exam, one member of the DENAS faculty must be on the student’s dissertation committee.

Final Completion and Verification
Prior to filing the completed dissertation with the Office of Graduate Studies, the student is required to

Congratulations!  You have completed the Designated Emphasis in Native American Studies. Your degree will state “Ph.D. in ________with Emphasis in Native American Studies.”

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