Native American Language Center


Native American Language Center
Department of Native American Studies, University of California, Davis

Justin Spence, Director
Martha J. Macri, Director Emerita
Zoila Mendoza, Associate Director
Liza Grandia, Associate Director

Goals: to encourage linguistic research on American Indian languages, to foster the intergenerational transfer of language knowledge in Native American communities, and to develop a sustained and productive relationship between American Indian linguistic scholarship and the needs and aspirations of Native American people. The Center encourages the active participation of scholars and students, both native and non-native, in the task of language preservation and revitalization, while also providing the resources and support for the training of a new and engaged generation of linguists.

Projects sponsored by the NALC

J. P. Harrington Database Project

Quechua Language and Society

Maya Hieroglyphic Database Project, sponsored by NSF and NEH

Shasta Language Project (website under construction)

Cherokee Dictionary Project (proposals in preparation)

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