NAS 001 FQ2019 NAS 001 FQ2019
NAS 001: Introduction to Native American Studies. A survey of indigenous cultures, histories, and politics across the americas.

NAS 188 NAS 188 FQ2019
NAS 188 Special Topics in Native American Literature. Fall 2019 MW 4:10-6:00pm. Honoring the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Native American Studies.
NAS 005 SS1 NAS 005 SS1
This course will focus on analyzing and understanding Native American literature. Emphasis is placed on types and forms of literary analysis, writing, close reading, and critical thinking, while exploring ideas related to indigenous peoples, cultures, and identities.
Introduction to Native American Studies. Learn what your high school history class left out.
nas 10 NAS 010 FQ2019
Introduction to the diverse cultures of Native American peoples from North America, Central, and South America, lectures include multi-media presentations and guest lectures.
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