Stefano Varese

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Director, Indigenous Research Center of the Americas
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Research Interests:

Anthropologist (social, political, and cultural). Specialized in indigenous people (American Indians, Native Americans) of the Americas. Areas of concentration: Indian community development, agroecological and sustainable development, cultural/economic/political self-determination, territorial management, rural-urban migration, transnational migration, cultural resource management, poverty alleviation strategies, human rights.

Undergraduate Courses Taught:

  • NAS 10 Native American Experience
  • NAS 120 Ethnopolitics of South American Indians
  • NAS 122 Native American Community Development
  • NAS 133 Ethnohistory of Native People of Mexico and Central America
  • NAS 191 Topics in Native American Studies
  • NAS 198 Directed Group Study

Graduate Courses Taught:

  • NAS 212 Community Development for Sovereignty and Autonomy
  • NAS 220 Colonialism/Racism and Self-Determination
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