Victor D. Montejo (Jakaltek Maya)

MEPU, Guatemala
M.A., State University of New York, Albany
Ph.D., University of Connecticut

vmontejo at

Research Interests:

Ethnohistory; ethnography; oral traditions and folklore. Indigenous literatures, native knowledge; Indgenous People of Mesoamerica (Mayan), Human Rights/refugees.

Books and Publications:

Victor Montejo and Luis Garay
Popol Vuh: A Sacred Book of the Maya
(Artes De Mexico Y Del Mundo S.A., 2005)

Undergraduate Courses Taught:

  • NAS 1 Introduction to Native American Studies (4)
  • NAS 117 Native American Governmental Decision Making (4)
  • NAS 181B Native American Literature (4-4-4)
  • NAS 188 Special Topics in Native American Literary Studies (4)
  • NAS 191 Topics in Native American Studies (4)

Graduate Courses Taught:

  • NAS 200 Basic Concepts in Native American Studies (4)
  • NAS 202 Advanced Topics in Native American Studies (4)
  • NAS 335

More information:

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